Remote Sensing Applications

Formation Environmental solves landscape-based questions with a unique combination of remote sensing, geospatial, and agricultural and environmental engineering expertise.  Our multidisciplinary team has the specialized skills needed to develop high-value, scientifically sound, proactive solutions for our clients.  We excel in assessing atypical problems and developing appropriate data and analysis products that enable our clients to make objective and well-informed decisions.


Agricultural Production:  Timely and accurate information is critical to agricultural production, market assessment, and operational management.  Our integrated team is uniquely prepared to meet these needs by combining agronomic, soil science, engineering, and imagery science expertise with state-of-the-art remote sensing and geospatial tools.

Custom Agricultural Intelligence:    Factors such as crop production, cropping scale, management, and environmental regulatory pressure combine to present complex and unique challenges for the agricultural industry.  Formation has the experience, expertise, and ingenuity to tackle these complex issues accurately and cost-effectively.  We provide our clients with custom data and analysis to assess specific issues and develop appropriate actions plans.


Environmental Monitoring:  Managing and monitoring native, natural, and/or restored landscape systems over large, remote areas presents challenges that large land owners, irrigation districts, municipalities, and federal / state agencies commonly face.  Our team uses remotely sensed data and advanced analytical techniques to deliver mapping products quantifying vegetation characteristics our clients need.  These products range from a simple assessment of vegetative cover to advanced assessments depicting plant community class, species composition, vegetative distribution, and vegetative height characteristics.  Many of our vegetative cover products are used by our clients to assess baseline project conditions and report future changes in vegetative, plant community, and other environmental conditions as their projects develop.

Playa Monitoring and Stabilization:  Formation has unique experience in the monitoring of playa soil surfaces and desert vegetation with remotely sensed data resources and analytical techniques.  Our clients use this information to develop and implement land-management plans for dust control, monitor site soil conditions for operational management, and support regulatory negotiations.  Ongoing follow-up data collection and change mapping provides the basis for efficient and accurate compliance assessments and environmental regulatory reporting.

Research and Development Applications:  Formation promotes client-oriented remote sensing technology, research, and application development.  Our expert staff and advanced software and hardware systems are commonly utilized by our clients to support their research and development activities and answer the complex questions others can’t.  We deliver these services with novel remote sensing approaches and leading-edge geospatial technology.  In particular, our staff excels at assessing atypical problems and developing innovative solutions that enable our clients to make strategic land management, regulatory, and/or business decisions.

Satellite Imagery Acquisition and Project Planning:  Formation leverages a full range of satellite and aerial sensors to meet clients’ needs and project objectives.  Each client and project is different and has specific requirements in terms of accuracy, anticipated analytical results, and overall project budget.  We work closely with each client to match project objectives with appropriate imagery specifications.  This includes evaluation of spatial resolution, radiometric resolution, revisit frequency, tasking flexibility, and imagery bit depth.  Formation can deliver the imagery resources you need for your project’s success.  Contact us for a list of currently available commercial and public satellite and aerial resources.