Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Formation Environmental offers complete GIS services.  GIS is a combination of software, hardware, and expertise that provides an efficient mechanism to manage, interpret, understand, and portray project information. The Formation team has developed effective and compelling data analysis and management systems for many hazardous waste sites across the country.  These analyses and management systems have formed the foundation for critical negotiations, litigation, and other data presentations.

Our GIS services include:

An understanding of the scope and meaning of environmental data is critical to successful project planning and strategic decision making.  Without that understanding, environmental problems may be perceived rather than confirmed.  Instead of relying solely on sample analyses to characterize conditions at a site, GIS factors in other important data sources such as aerial images, topography, soil type, ground cover, process history and information, and exposure pathways and receptors.  A comprehensive view of temporal trends and spatial distributions, with easy access to pertinent site information and visualization tools, produces more accurate and realistic evaluations of site contamination and related risk to the environment.