Groundwater Modeling

Formation Environmental applies scientific principles to guide groundwater modeling analyses in support of environmental remediation, risk management, and engineering decisions.

Groundwater modeling is a valuable tool for describing technical concepts associated with groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport, and it can be an important component of environmental problem solving.  Formation Environmental takes an integrated approach to groundwater modeling, beginning with the development of a thoughtful conceptual site model built on a comprehensive evaluation of published literature and site-specific data and information.  Consolidation and compilation of the relevant data and other information, including historical site features, geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical data, takes place within a geographic information system (GIS) that then serves as the foundation for geospatial and statistical analyses, visualization, and communication.  In this manner, our team effectively integrates GIS with groundwater flow and contaminant transport model applications.

Formation’s modeling team has experience applying a wide range of modeling applications from simple to complex, including:

These capabilities have been utilized to address diverse technical issues, including: