Environmental Geochemistry

Formation Environmental applies scientific principles to guide geochemical investigations in support of environmental remediation, risk management, and engineering decisions.

geochemThe fate and transport of environmental contaminants is closely tied to the chemical and biological interactions that take place following their release to air, soil/sediment, surface water, and groundwater.  Geochemical and biogeochemical processes that ultimately control contaminant fate and transport in the environment include:

Understanding when, where, and how these processes potentially influence the fate and transport of environmental contaminants is necessary to design effective site investigations, develop accurate conceptual site models, and interpret and present environmental monitoring data.

Formation Environmental team members have extensive experience collecting and analyzing environmental geochemistry data, presenting those data, and modeling geochemical conditions and reactions to assess contaminant fate in the environment. We apply this experience to identify potential contaminant sources and migration pathways, design environmental monitoring programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation options.

Our environmental geochemistry expertise includes the following:

This expertise in geochemistry, forensic methods, and geochemical modeling enables Formation team members to help our clients resolve a range of issues, including source identification and source allocation.