Environmental Engineering

Formation Environmental uses sound engineering, site understanding, and regulatory knowledge to identify and implement protective and cost-effective site cleanup.


Identifying and implementing appropriate environmental cleanup approaches requires a thorough understanding of the site conditions; detailed knowledge of applicable state and/or federal environmental regulations and their inherent flexibility; and innovative solutions that balance protection of human health and the environment, compliance with environmental laws, and containment of project costs.

This experience gives us the insight to creatively manage and implement multi-stage remediation programs to address the specific goals and concerns raised by our clients as well as the regulatory agencies involved.

Our engineers take a pro-active approach by working directly with our clients to understand their priorities for a preferred cleanup strategy and then ensuring that appropriate data are collected to develop and evaluate remedial alternatives that remain consistent with those priorities.  The need for treatability studies often arises during the development of a cleanup approach.  Formation’s chemical engineers and geochemists routinely design treatability studies, working with technology vendors as needed, to develop tests and present findings that are relevant to specific implementation issues encountered at each site.

After a cleanup approach is selected, our engineers prepare design documents, which include detailed construction drawings and technical specifications certified by Formation’s Engineer of Record.  Our engineers also assist our clients in soliciting and evaluating construction bids and providing quality assurance oversight as construction proceeds.